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Tuesday Truths

Posted: 2009-06-16 11:29:07

North St. Louis County Habitat for Humanity feels blessed to be part of an amazing network of Habitat affiliates within Habitat International. With the recognition of this wonderful brand name, however, sometimes come a set of false assumptions. Habitat has hoped to counter these false ideas in a series of "Myths and Truths" published each Tuesday.

MYTH: Poverty housing is such a large problem that it can never be solved.

TRUTH: Poverty housing is a huge issue. But Habitat believes that by continuing to build houses with people in need, by working with other committed groups, and by putting the issues of poverty housing on the hearts and minds of compassionate people everywhere, the problem can be solved. Habitat’s 21st Century Housing Challenge calls communities together to eliminate substandard housing in their area. Communities are accepting the challenge to build with a definite plan and at a rate that makes it possible to eliminate substandard housing In 2000, New Horizons Habitat for Humanity in Americus, Georgia, and other local groups realized the goal of making affordable housing available for every family in Sumter County, Georgia, Habitat’s home county.

This has been the final installment in our Tuesday Truths series. To review all of the Tuesday Truths click the "Habitat Myths and Truth's" tag in the right side bar. Thank you for reading with us!