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Monthly Energy Saving Tip: Water

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  • INSTALL A WATER-SAVING SHOWER HEAD. They use one-third to one-half the water that regular showerheads use.
  • TURN THE WATER HEATER THERMOSTAT DOWN TO 120 degrees Fahrenheit. That saves energy and prevents minor burns. However, if you have an oler model dishwasher that does not have a booster heater, you should probably leave the water heater set to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. To check if your dishwasher has a booster heater, you can look at the literature for your dishwasher or callt he manufacturer.

  • TAKE SHORT SHOWERS. They use less hot water than a bath.
  • REPAIR LEAKY WATER FAUCETS. Thirty drops of water a minute can waste as much as 50 gallons a month.

  • INSTALL FAUCET AERATORS. They will reduce the amount of water released.


Note: If purchasing a new water heater, buy one that is no larger than required for your household neds, because the water heater ist he second largest energy user in the home. You're charged for the water - and for heating it.