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A Woman's Work

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On a beautiful summer day in August, Habitat for Humanity held its first Women Build. Many women gathered in Aurora with homeowner Heather Jackson, who led the build, to complete a myriad of tasks—from painting and siding to insulating and foaming. Although not all of the women began the day with much knowledge of construction, by the end of the day everyone’s construction skill set had grown immensely.

The day was broken up into two separate shifts. The morning crew assembled at the build site at 8 AM with volunteers traveling from near—Aurora—and far—Goodland. Excitement was thick in the morning air, as volunteers were assigned tasks to complete on the home. Women worked inside on caulking and foaming, while the women outside primed a shed in the backyard and did initial work on siding the house. The initial timidity the women worked with in their assigned tasks quickly vanished as they became more comfortable on the site.

The morning shift went by incredibly fast with it ending at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Aurora. Pastor Barb Hegfors led the all volunteers, both morning and afternoon, in a beautiful prayer before lunch. The delicious lunch, prepared by Heather's grandmother and the women of the church, consisted of salad, lasagna and desert.

Following the lunch, the afternoon volunteers filed out of the church and back to the site, with satisfied stomachs ready to work. The afternoon workers worked on many things including finishing caulking and foaming, insulating, painting the shed and siding the house. The volunteers jumped right into the work and their intensity did not wane even though they were experiencing a 90 degree day. Afternoon volunteers were surprised with a sweet treat from neighbor Elaine Popovich around mid-afternoon. She provided two deserts and pop, providing a great reprieve from the heat.

The Women Build day was a great success with the motivated volunteers completing much work with Heather Jackson on her Aurora home. By the end of the day, the house looked much different than it had at the beginning of the day: a beautiful green shed now stood in the backyard; almost half of the house had been sided and insulated; and many meticulous details had been taken care of inside the home.

This day would not have been possible with out all of the volunteers who worked so hard all day, and those who partnered with Habitat for Humanity by sponsoring the Women Build: Floor to Ceiling, Bradach Lumber of Aurora, EKS Electric, Mulari Productions, Cutting Edge Hair Salon, and Minnesota Power.

Read more about Women Builds all over the country at www.habitat.org/wb.