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Build Apostle Brunch!

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It was a small group of people, but we enjoyed a wonderful meal together at the first annual Build Apostle’s Brunch that was held at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Virginia on May 2, 2009. Committee members Jon Simon and Tom Krause prepared the brunch and Judy Peliska began the day with devotions and prayer. Since not everyone knew one another Meagan Esterby created an icebreaker, giving each person through the door a name tag which wasn’t their own. The object of the game was to meet the person whose name you wore and be found by someone else who was wearing your name tag. It was a great way to meet new people who have a common mission. By being liaisons to churches, these special volunteers make the parishioners in their congregations aware of build dates so they can provide either build volunteers or meals. They also organize fund raising activities in their churches. The Church Relations Committee wants to thank those who serve as Build Apostles and invite others to join their ranks. Call 866.749.8910 to learn more about this flexible but important volunteer position.