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Monthly Energy Saving Tip: Dishwashing

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  • WASH ONLY FULL LOADS. It costs exactly the same to wash one dish as the whole load.
  • AIR-DRY DISHES. If the dishwasher has an air-dry feature, use it.
  • FILL DISHWASHER WITH DETERGENT RIGHT BEFORE RUNNING. Dry detergent may cake, while liquid detergent can leak.
  • FILL HE DISHWASHER ACCORDING TO MANUFACTURER'S INSTRUCTIONS. This will allow the flow of water to properly clean the dishes.
  • USE WATER-TEMPERATURE BOOSTING FEATURE. If the dishwasher has a booster heater, then you also can lower the temperature on your water heater. It takes less energy for the booster heater to heat the water needed to wash the dishes at 140 degrees Fahrenheit than it takes to keep all the water in the water heater at 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Check the dishwasher's manual for the recommended minimum water temperature.
  • AND IF YOU WASH BY HAND: Rinse dishes in groups rather than one at a time. Don't leave the water running.

First Published by Lake Country Power