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Monthly Energy Saving Tip: Cooking

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  • USE TOASTER OVENS, CROCKPOTS, AND MICROWAVES. When you are cooking small-to-medium-sized meals, they use less energy than the stove or oven.
  • KEEP THE INSIDE SURFACE OF YOUR MICROWAVE CLEAN. It will cook your food more efficiently.
  • USE THE SMALLEST PANS POSSIBLE. It takes less energy to heat them.
  • USE LIDS. They help the food cook more quickly by keeping the steam in the pot or pan.
  • CLEAN THE BURNER PANS ON YOUR STOVE. When clean, they will reflect heat back up to pots and pans.
  • KEEP CONVENTIONAL OVEN-PREHEATING TIME TO A MINIMUM. Only preheat if you are baking bread or pastries.
  • DON'T PEEK! You lose heat every time you open the door of lift the lid.
  • KEEP RACKS CLEAR. Foil on oven shelves blocks heat and costs money.
  • USE CLASS OR CERAMIC PANS ON OVENS. They heat faster than metal pans - that's why brownie recipes call for 350 degrees Fahrenheit, but 325 degrees Fahrenheit for a glass pan.
  • REMEMBER: ALWAYS TAKE CARE WHEN COOKING. It is the number-one cause of home fires in the United States.

First Published by Lake Country Power