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Year in Review - 2019
Gather Your Group and Volunteer!
2017 Habitat on the Hill
2015 Habitat 500 Bike Ride
Join the Habitat Team
On the Build Site
Best Practices Award: Sustainable Building
Two Summer VISTA Construction Workers Needed
Effectively Living and Working Within a Diverse World-- Training Seminar
20 Years of Building Hope- Thank you!
20 years of building hope
New partner family: The Anderson-Carlsness Family
Changing Lives
Thank You!
Building the Future with Habitat ~ 2014 Dinner and Silent Auction
2013 Recap
President Jimmy Carter Build Day
Women Build Day
Bikers raise funds and awarness for six more families to become homeowners!
Two great opportunities to volunteer
An Easter Message from Jonathan Reckford, Habitat International's CEO
Habitat Family Mourns the Loss of Rod McPeak
Ride 500 Miles on a Bike to Build Homes with Your Neighbors!
Cliffs Natural Resources - A Five Year Partnership!
Building A Brighter Future with Habitat for Humanity
Affordable Housing By The Numbers
Double your Donation with Matching Funds Today, Nov 15th with Give To the Max Day!
50th Habitat for Humanity home dedicated in North St. Louis County!
Changing Neighborhoods, Transforming Lives
Silent Auction Teaser

Millard Fuller
Partners in the Kitchen
Exterior nearly complete in Babbitt
Thrivent Builds in Eveleth
Angela's Walls...
Humanity at Work
Raising Walls
Tuesday Truths
Early morning set-up
Monthly Energy Saving Tip: Summer
Breaking Ground in Aurora
Build with the Bishop TOMORROW
Foundation Ready in Eveleth
Partners in the Kitchen
Babbitt Update
Foundation Prep in Eveleth
Tuesday Truths
in just 7 days...
Habitat500 Training Tip #18
Framing in Babbitt
Women Build
Upcoming Church Relations Meeting
Foundation Update
Partners in the Kitchen
Rehabbing with Voyageur's Lutheran Ministry
Tuesday Truths
Any Color You Like, As Long As It's Green
Home Maintenance Tasks: June
Habitat500 Training Tip #17
Another Success in Hibbing!
Eveleth Groundbreaking
this Sunday we invite you to a...
in the news...
Partners in the Kitchen
We invite you to..
A Note from Nathan: Planting Hope
Tuesday Truths
Thank You!
Riding to ReBuild right here on the Iron Range
Habitat500 Training Tip #16
Space for a Kitchen Table
Thrivent Builds...with Bicycles
Tackling a Build...and 500 miles
The Green Team
Building a Home...not just a house
Partners in the Kitchen
Newsletter Volunteers Needed
Sponsor a Rider...Support Habitat's 2009 Construction Goals
Introducing Habitat's Partner Families and Habitat 500 Bikers
Tuesday Truths
Babbitt Groundbreaking
Habitat500 Training Tip #15
Habitation Singspiration a Success
Firebaugh Dedication
this Sunday we invite you to a...
High School Project featured in Sunday's Hibbing Daily Tribune
Monthly Energy Saving Tip: for KIDS!
Groundbreaking with the Laine Family in Babbitt this Sunday
Second Habitat for Humanity Home in Babbitt to Begin
Hibbing High School House Dedication with the Firebaugh Family
Partners in the Kitchen
Biking with Bob
Tuesday Truths
Habitat500 Training Tip #14

Partners in the Kitchen
Habitat on YouTube
Tuesday Truths
2009 Route
Habitat500 Training Tip #13
Build Apostle Brunch
Home Maintenance Tasks: May
Partners in the Kitchen
you are invited...
Tuesday Truths
High School House partnership is awarded a Star of Innovation
Habitat500 Training Tip #12
Habitat on YouTube
Partners in the Kitchen
Happy Earth Day
Tuesday Truths
Habitat500 Training Tip #11
National Volunteer Week: Celebrating People in Action
Thank You to our Church Partners!
Devotion and Prayer: Environmental Sabbath
Wanted: Build Apostles
Minnesota Rents "Our of Reach" in All Minnesota Counties - As People Lose Homes, Renters Struggle to Find Affordable Housing
A Lenten Tradition to Support Habitat
Partners in the Kitchen
Global View through Local Eyes: Montego Bay, Jamaica
Monthly Energy Saving Tip: Safety
Build with the Bishop
Cycle Mesabi: Training for the Habitat 500
Tuesday Truths
Habitat500 Training Tip #10
Hats on for Safety!
joyful Easter wishes...
Partners in the Kitchen
How to start a vegetable garden
Tuesday Truths
Habitat500 Training Tip #9
Recycling in North St. Louis County
Partners in the Kitchen
Iron Range Earth Fest
Tuesday Truths
Habitat500 Training Tip #8
Act! Speak! Build! Week 2009: Making Housing a Matter of Action
Habitat Women
We Can Built It!
Habitat Women
Habitat Women
Partners in the Kitchen
Habitat Women
Iron Range Earth Fest
Habitat 500 2009 Route
Tuesday Truths
Iron Range Earth Fest
Church Relations Update
Habitat500 Training Tip #7
Upcoming Church Relations Meeting
Partners in the Kitchen
VISTA Notes: Church Relations Invitation
Habitat500 Training Tip #6
The North St. Louis County Riding Team Needs You!
Construction Committee Planning Meeting
Firebaugh Construction Update - Hibbing
A Note from Nathan: this labor of love is indeed priceless
Partners in the Kitchen
From the Desk of the President...
Thrivent Builds and City of Eveleth Partner with Habitat
Habitat500 Training Tip #5
International Women's Day
World Day of Prayer
Partners in the Kitchen
Volunteer Opportunity
Habitat500 Training Tip #4
Global View: Hábitat para la Humanidad México
Partners in the Kitchen
Eveleth donates lot for Habitat's Thrivent Builds Home
Devotion: Walking...Building...with God
Prayer Partner Spotlight
Habitat 500 Training Tip #3
Partners in the Kitchen
Recipes for Financial Fitness
Habitat500 Training Tip #2
Habitat green
Monthly Energy Saving Tip: Appliances
Happy Valentine's Day
with many thanks...
Upcoming Church Relations Committee Meeting
Habitat500 Training Tip #1
Thank You
Needed: Rehab Partner Family
Building the future with habitat
300,000 Habitat Homes around the World, 30 Here in North St. Louis County
purple polka-dot feet....striped orange arms....
Monthly Energy Saving Tip: Lighting
Habitat Annual Meeting
you've been such a treasure(r)!
Moving In with the New Year
Christmas Greeting from Habitat International
Home for the Holidays
Aurora Dedication
Firebaugh Update
with Thanks...
Otto Construction Update
2007-2008 Annual Report
High School House Update
Global View: Honduras Project Reflects the Lord in the Ring
Preaching with a Hammer
we thank our church partners...
Westin Dedication
NSLCHFH Goes Global
International Day of Prayer for Habitat
Deutsch Dedication
Building Foundations in Hibbing
Virginia Update
A New Habitat500 Fundraising Record...Thanks to You!
Westin Update
Otto Build Blitz August 4, 2008
in the beginning...
Hibbing Groundbreaking
Jon Siman ~ Generating Funding for Affordable Housing
David Bergum ~ Exploiting an Activity I Love
Doug and Christy Gettle ~ Provide the Poor Wanderer with Shelter
Philip and Brian Birk ~ 9th Year Riding 500 Miles!
The Deutsch Partner Family: Virginia
The Otto Partner Family: Aurora
The Ritz Partner Family: Hibbing
The Firebaugh Partner Family: Hibbing
The Westin Partner Family: Soudan
Habitat 500 2008 Route
Your Support is Deeply Appreciated
AmeriCorps *VISTA Energizing our Relationships with Churches
Register for the Habitat 500 Bike Ride Fundraiser!
Notes from Nathan: a 2008 Blueprint for Success
Looking Back at 2007...Planning Ahead fo 2008
Caroline Owens ~ I do this for an important cause
Monthly Energy Saving Tip: Refrigerators
Build Apostle Brunch
AmeriCorps Week
Ritz Update
HOME: #5: The Nelson home
HOME: #6: The Carpenter home
HOME: #7
HOME: #10: The Beach home
HOME: #12: The Woods home
HOME: #8: The Rhode home
HOME: #36: The Jalonen home
HOME: #9: The Perkovich home
HOME: #11: The Cole home
HOME: #4: The Giorgi home
HOME: #3: The Schiebe home
HOME: #47: The Myers home
HOME: #50: The Hart home
HOME: #48: The Richards home
HOME: #48: The Richards home
HOME: #1: The Hanson home
HOME: #1: The Hanson home
HOME: #37: The Montgomery home
HOME: #2
HOME: #3: The Schiebe home
HOME: #13: The Cannata home
HOME: #14: The Lassi home
HOME: #35: The VanAnda home
HOME: #29: The Westin home
HOME: #21: The Dungan home
HOME: #41: The Baker home
HOME: #28: The Ritz home
HOME: #27: The Deutsch home
HOME: #26: The Masieniec home
HOME: #25: The Markkula home
Habitat 500 in the news
HOME: #20: The Carter home
HOME: #24: The Swanson home
HOME: #30: The Stordahl-Otto home
HOME: #22: The Jackson home
HOME: #15: The Counihan home
HOME: #34: The Jackson home
HOME: #15: The Counihan home
HOME: #16: The Reed home
HOME: #17: The Bird home
HOME: #33
HOME: #32: The Laine home
HOME: #18: The Baumchen home
HOME: #19: The Jacka home
HOME: #31: The Firebaugh home
HOME: #23: The King home
HOME: #38: The Hendricks home
Eveleth Dedication
Home Maintenance Tasks: September
NSLCHFH Habitat 500 team on the field at the Metrodome
Volunteers needed in Aurora!
Habitat in the Mesabit Daily News
Thank you to Church Partners!!
Build Apostle Brunch!
Building Homes and Hope with Music!
Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry Cleans Virginia Rehab!
Painting in Babbitt!
Building on Faith
Monthly Energy Saving Tip: Laundry
Care-a-vanners in Eveleth
Ready for windows and doors...
A Call for Volunteers in Aurora!
New Partner Family at Virginia Rehab
Virginia Groundbreaking
Jolene Finds Her New Room
Home Maintenance Tasks: November
Needed: Winter Dinner Committee Members!
Work Progresses on High School Home in Hibbing!
Monthly Energy Saving Tip: Winter
United Way Day of Action and Direct Mailing
World Habitat Day- October 5
Painting in Aurora
Home Maintenance Tasks: October
Eveleth Dedication
Day of Prayer this Sunday!
Groundbreaking in Hibbing
Monthly Energy Saving Tip: Heating
Partners in the Kitchen
Thank you Care-a-vanners!
Partners in the Kitchen
August Board Meeting
Study Shows One-Third of America’s Volunteers Serve through Religious Organizations
Fans and Tweets
"Women at Work" with Habitat for Humanity
Construction Update: Babbitt
Blue Cross. Blue Shield. blue foam-board.
Home Maintenance Tasks: August
Construction Update
take me out to the ball game...
Wednesday: Women Build
Sheetrocking in Eveleth
Thank you Women!!
Faith United Paints in Eveleth
Construction Update: Aurora
Habitat 500 Photos
Map My Ride
Home Maintenance Tasks: July
Hope Presbyterian Builds in Eveleth
Construction Update
Laying Foundations in Aurora
Resurrection Catholic Volunteer Day Photos
Everyone is in from a successful day one at the Habitat 500!
Monthly Energy Saving Tip: Water
Habitat 500
Construction Update:
August 12th - Aurora - WOMEN BUILD
A Note from Nathan
Build with the President
ready to raise the walls?
A Woman's Work
Day of Prayer 2009
HOME: #39: The Twardowski home
North St. Louis County Habitat for Humanity selected as HUD grant recipient
Our Habitat Story
North St. Louis County Habitat for Humanity selected as HUD grant recipient
Habitat for Humanity affiliates worldwide celebrates 500,000th/500,001st milestone houses as part of World Habitat Day events on Oct. 3
What Can Kids Do?
Habitat for Humanity ranks No. 6 among largest homebuilders in the U.S.
Countdown to Summer. April. May. June...
Beyond Power and Wealth
New Year, New Beginnings!
Top Ten Christmas Record Breakers
Hospitality in Abundance
Autumn is officially here! And so, we break more ground!
All December long in a countdown
Chinn home dedication!
Aurora Roof
HOME: #40: The Hedin home
HOME: #42: The Chinn home
HOME: #43: The Simola home
HOME: #45: The Putkonen home
HOME: #46: The Mattila home
The Paschke Home
Habitat for Humanity is the sixth-largest
Never Say Never - Putkonen Family Story
North St. Louis County Habitat for Humanity joins $9.2 million national home-building effort in 2012
Mattila Family Story
Learning how to advocate: Habitat on Hill is great experience for all
Haven’t finished your Taxes Yet?
Thank you to all our guests
Summer is Winding Down, Building is Progressing
Home Maintenance Tasks: April
The Sun Shines Brightly on North St. Louis County Habitat for Humanity!
Home Maintenance Tasks: February
Pouring Concrete in Virginia!
Home Maintenance Tasks: January
Volunteer Appreciation!
Monthly Energy Saving Tip: Cooking
Home Maintenance Tasks: December
Jackson Dedication this Sunday in Aurora!
Jackson Dedication this Sunday!
A Home for the Holidays
Monthly Energy Saving Tip: Dishwashing
Virginia Rehab Groundbreaking!
Thank's to our Church Partners!
Seven Keys to Green Building
5th Annual Building the Future with Habitat Dinner
Thanks to Everyone who Made Building the Future with Habitat 2010 a Great Success!
Virginia High School Build Update
Hibbing High School Build Update
1800TH Habitat Home in Minnesota to be Built in Hibbing
A Note From Nathan ~ A New Face at Habitat!
The Arrival of Spring… Brings the 2010 Habitat Build Season
Home Maintenance Tasks: March
NSLCHFH at Habitat on the Hill
Progress on Hibbing High School House
Thanks to All of our Great Church Partners
Get Involved with NSLCHFH this Summer!
An Opportunity to Experience and Express God’s Love
Thrivent Builds & NSLCHFH Partnership Continues in 2010
Rebuilding Haiti
Fall Building Season Wrap-Up

Habitat 500 2015