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Have you considered leaving a legacy or planned gift?  Join our Legacy Society and leave a Legacy of Home.  The Legacy Society provides a method for individuals and families to support NSLCHFH's mission through a planned gift. 

The Impact of Legacy giving: 

Four years ago, we received a small donation in support of the Habitat 500 bike ride fundraiser.  Two years later, we received word that this donor had passed away and left an even more substantial gift for us in her will!  This unexpected gift arrived at a time when our cash reserves were lower than comfortable and gave us a cushion that guaranteed we could finish all our homes and start the new homes the following spring.  However, the following spring also brought the pandemic, and everything was brought to a halt.   Thanks to the reserves this gift provided, all four remaining 2019 homes were finished by the end of September 2020 and four new homes underway!  Thanks to the foresight of this wonderful donor, eight more families will have safe, decent and affordable homes and their mortgage payments will go right into housing more families, bringing us ever closer to our vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

For the four families that just moved into their homes, the strength, stability and self-reliance this legacy gift helped them achieve is deeply personal.  From the fulfillment of Sam Grovenburg’s dream of a home large enough to have a kitchen table so she can dine with her girls, to the relief that the Grey Miller family feels that their health issues will be seriously lessened in their new healthy home, to Amber and Naomi’s joy at having large yards in which their growing children can play, all of their lives have been changed and their futures have been substantially brightened.  This woman’s legacy will play out for them all and the families their mortgage payments will help.  And the change in their lives impacts not just the parents, but for future generations, as the wealth that homeownership creates will allow for better jobs, for college and for healthier lives. 

Consider a legacy gift today to help make more Iron Range families’ futures, and our own, brighter!

For more information, click HERE for our NSLCHFH Legacy Society brochure or call our office at 218-749-8910.