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Habitat For Humanity in North St. Louis County, Minnesota Welcomes You!

A Day of Celebrations Across the Range

Dear Friends,

On June 8th this summer, the sounds of Habitat for Humanity’s home building returned to the Iron Range.  With help from three energetic AmeriCorps workers and Brandon Anwiler, our construction manager, we slowly and safely started our building activity which has lead to a fruitful summer and fall with our partner families, volunteers, community partners, board and staff.

As I look back on the hardest six months of my 17 year career at North St. Louis County Habitat for Humanity, I have experienced the same challenges that we all have had to fare in 2020:  The pandemic with its health, economic and social distancing impacts started in March.  May saw the boiling over of social and racial issues in our country brought to the world’s attention by the death of George Floyd.  Added to this, we also find ourselves in a heated political season.

On Friday, September 25th, we stopped office activities for a day. Board members, volunteers, staff, community partners, politicians, pastors, and partner families gathered together across the Iron Range from Ely to Eveleth to Hibbing to celebrate the building of homes, communities, and hope.  We celebrated the beginning of a home project in Ely. We met with a homeowner who was moving into their home in Eveleth.  We dedicated two homes that are now complete in Hibbing and celebrated the start of a rehab project in Hibbing.  The noise of all the recent challenges going through my mind was silenced by the sounds of families starting to build their homes and the sounds of children slamming the door on  substandard housing while opening the door to their new Habitat homes.

You can "attend" each event by following the links below:
I am thankful for Habitat for Humanity’s mission. In a world where so many things seek to divide us, Habitat for Humanity is putting God’s love into action by bringing people together to build homes, communities, and hope.  Habitat for Humanity’s “hammer” is big enough for all of our hands to grasp together. All of us can embrace the mission of building homes, communities and hope with our neighbors in need. In this way, we can work towards eliminating the crisis of substandard living conditions faced by too many of our neighbors and build a future where everyone has a decent place to live!


Since our ability to engage you on the build site this summer was limited, we decided to give you a vivid look on the inside cover of this newsletter.  You will see the excitement is building this summer and fall.  As you “see it in color” I am sure you too will be able to hear the “sounds of Habitat” ringing in your ears!  Together we are continuing to build homes and hope with our neighbors in need.  Thank you for your generous and faithful support.

In partnership,     


Nathan Thompson                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Executive Director


Our Fall 2020 Newsletter is here!

North St. Louis County Habitat for Humanity's Fall Newsletter is ready to view online.   

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Fall 2020 Newsletter

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Our 2019 Build Season is coming to a close!  We are working diligently to complete one project in West Eveleth and two in Hibbing.  Watch your email for details on Home Dedications.    

We are accepting applications for our 2021 Build Season!  Check out our "How to Apply" section by clicking HERE.  

Sign up for Email Updates  or send us an email at habitat@nslchfh.org  to get the latest news and volunteer opportunities!

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The 2020 Build Season includes "community builds" in Gilbert, Hibbing and Ely.  Get involved with these projects and check out the current projects link to meet our families.  

To find out how you as an individual can help and volunteer, please call Susan Garrett, the Community Resources Manager, at the Habitat office at 866-749-8910 or email her at susan@nslchfh.org.  You can also organize a group from your church, business, civic group or family and friends! 

North St. Louis County Habitat for Humanity is working to have a meaningful presence on the web to stay more connected with our supporters. Please look for information to be posted regularly about NSLCHFH as we move to build more homes and hope in northern Minnesota! Check out our facebook page and "like" us at:  www.facebook.com/nslchfh

Photo: Patterson Home - Hibbing   

An Update from Our Board President and Executive Director

Habitat for Humanity’s mission continues to be very relevant in our current times.  Our neighbors in need of simple, decent and affordable homes have struggled to meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic in overcrowded, unhealthy and substandard living conditions.  Four out of the five families who started home building projects with us in 2019 were forced to remain in their current situations as we all shut down in March.  You can imagine their joy as we have restarted our building program this June.  Two homes in West Eveleth are scheduled to be completed by the end of June, pictured above.  From there we will move on to complete the two 2019 homes that were started last year on 25th St. East in Hibbing.  As we close on these homes with our partner families we will also be working to get the 2020 projects underway.

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